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We can supply your studio with an unfinished birch interior or, if you prefer, we can pre-finish in the workshop with two coats of Danish Oil:


cost for models 1 and 2: £160

cost for models 3 and 4: £240




The primary source of ventilation in a Mökki studio is the door which hinges back 180 degrees. However we also provide background ventilation which means that, even with the door closed, you can still get air flow though the building. Depending on what you intend to use your studio for you may wish to increase the amount of background ventilation. As standard all our models come with two trickle vents which between them provide 8000mm2 of ventilation (equating to two holes measuring 63 x 63mm).


Additional vents can be fitted at a cost of £45 each.


Electrical connections


By arrangement we can pre-install electrical cables and pre-cut holes ready to take electrical sockets. We would definitely recommend this option as it means that all wiring is concealed within the panels. We charge £25 per socket for this service.


We can recommend a Devon-based electrician who will fit the sockets themselves and make the necessary connections back to the house. This usually involves running armoured cable in the ground and fitting a small junction box onto the side of the studio beneath the cladding line.


Travel Distance


For information about the cost of installing outside of a 50 mile radius of Totnes please see Installation section here.


Trickle vent in the window mullion gives 63 x 63mm ventilation

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